Armed Assault 2: Charlie Foxtrot campaign 2
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Saturday, 16 January 2010

In a few weeks, after some scrims (test battles), the second campaign for Charlie Foxtrot kicks off. For people who don't know Armed Assault 2 (ArmA2), please visit the official website!
A quote from the Charlie Foxtrot website:  Charlie Foxtrot: ArmA2 is a PvP tournament using the BIS title Arma2 to stage massive battles weekly. The player will enter a structured world where he or she can escape the chaos of the public servers and enjoy Arma2 with like minded friends.  The heart of the tournament is the Charlie Foxtrot Forums where the community is based and the armies (teams) have their headquarters.

Two virtual armies (RS = River Stone Inc. and SI = Shashka International) are in the middle of sorting ranks, developing strategies and preparing for huge battles against each other. This is done using the CFARMA forums and CFARMA Teamspeak server. You can still sign up randomly or via Pay to Pick so you can choose the side you want to fight along. This cost you 6 Euro but all the funds are spend for the server and webhosting costs.

So if you like to experience structured virtual warfare, meet new people and make friends, take a look at the Charlie Foxtrot website and forum! Is you have any questions, ask the here or on the CFARMA forum.

Check out this trailer from Charlie Foxtrot RS side (which is my side):


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