July 27, 2003


I write this article because the sof2 community is getting fucked up with players who think they can tell who is a cheater and who is not, and worse of all, they don't hesitate to tell it around if they are sure of they're accusing and wasting somebody's on-line gaming fun.

Here is my point:

Since there are computer games, people try to be better then others by modifying they're game on the client side instead of work harder on they're own skills. Everyone knows the AIM bots and WALL hacks.

Luckily there is Punk Buster (PB), a server side program that recognize non default settings or installed components that are not allowed on the game and kick's a person from the server. But what if people still think you cheat, even if Punk Buster say your not.

Here is my explanation:

1) Most of the accusers are calling other people a cheater because they can't stand they're loss and try to get even by calling the other a cheater.

2) I play this game for 1,5 year now, you really think playing that long with cheats is any fun?

3) Try to look at a player his overall movement, jumping, shooting, dodging, THINKING etc.

The people who gets accused of cheating can't defend they're self, most of the time IGNORING is the best way to deal with it but sometimes it get's really ennoying. So please think twice (or more) before you call somebody a cheater.

For those who still think I AM a cheater, go fuck yourself. Only if you are willing to find out that i'm not, please check these things out. (i say it again, it's hard to defend yourself against people who say that you're cheating)

Here you find my CFG
Here you find a SCHREENSHOT of how my sof2 looks like
Here you find a few DEMO'S i made on public servers (check this if you don't know how to play them)
Here you find my HARDWARE specs
Here you can ask me to send you an other DEMO of a games i played

And if you're still not convinced, come over to Holland and ill show you :~)



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