07/12/2004: Interview with Chicane:
Done by: widow.nl 

General player info:

First name:
23 (14/01/1981)
Student Media and Entertainment
Favorite server: GS.net 6 DEM
Favorite game type:
Playing sof2 since:
Full game since Patch 1.01
Other MP games played:
Q3A, CS source and a little SoF1

1) introduction:

Hi Chicane, thanks for your time and the willingness to be interviewed, this interview will be available on www.widow.nl in English.

2) Questions and Answers:

widow.nl: You probably have to dig deep, but when and how do you start playing sof2?
Chicane: It must have been around May 2002. My roommate gave me the demo version of sof2 to play. The moment i started playing it, i enjoyed it very much so i blame him for my addiction. During that summer i was off-line but as soon as i was back on-line in September 2002 i started playing the full game. Especially demolition was big fun, even when it had 3 maps only (kam3 air1 and hk2) i could play it for hours!
widow.nl: What about your nickname, how did you get it?
Chicane: I loved the music of Chicane (tracks like Offshore, Sunstroke and Saltwater), and I also love to watch formula 1 and in F1 circuits a left-right or a right-left turn is called a chicane, so it was a good combination. It represents what i like. Since people started shorten my nickname I could think of a 3rd link as well: chicane > chic > chicks :)
widow.nl: You are not a clan person i guess, i never seen you playing with a Clan Tag.
Chicane: I mainly see the disadvantages of clan tags: scheduling when you are going to play, having the risk others screw up your name (cheaters in clan), and disagreements within clans and with other clans. I just prefer playing on publics as an individual. I have tried it for two weeks starting up a clan ( [Gs] now known as 0utlaws), when Sleepy asked me for it. But after two weeks I wanted to be clanless again.
widow.nl: What do you think about the community as it is right now?

Chicane: Looking at the demolition community, i think it's great. I've met over 20 people at the VMC lan and we had a great time. On one hand it's unfortunate that a great game like sof2 just has such a small community, but on the other hand, you play with the people you know and that is something i like, especially at demolition. I think the community (demolition and sof2 in general) won't die soon; People said it was dyeing in 2003 already, but as far as i know the total amount of players hasn't changed much. People come, people go, people come back. I couldn't name an upcoming game anymore that would destroy the sof2 community all of a sudden.

widow.nl: You are an Admin on gameservers.net, how did you become an Admin?
Chicane: Lets be clear first: i have been Admin in the past, but i ain't Admin since the beginning of 2004, when dot became the headadmin. I became Admin in the beginning of 2003 thanks to Billy Nasty who asked me for it (thanks Billy!). 6 months later Sleepy (the sof2 headadmin at that time) got offered a real job at Gameservers.net (real job because paid job), and he asked me to become the sof2 headadmin. I did that for about 5 months, created a ban list and made the Admin team much bigger, but then i had a few reasons to become player again: first of all I expected to go on a busy internship, and secondly i was never finished with the job, and i would never get it perfect. Last reason, i was tired of correcting and checking people, because it made me play worse, especially on CTF. So now I am a happy player again. But to be clear, i also enjoyed being Admin and headadmin very much, and i still enjoy the referee chat with the Admins :) And also dot is doing an excellent job as sof2 headadmin.

widow.nl: Your brother is also playing SoF, any other potential "pro gamers" in your family? :)
Chicane: My brother, illusion is his nickname, also enjoys SoF2 very much. But he prefers having fun on custom maps in stead of "serious" playing at for example demolition. Furthermore there aren't any gamers in my family, as far as I know.
widow.nl: If SoF3 will be developed, would you give it a try?
Chicane: Of course I will try SoF3 when it's out. Unfortunately (and strangely) they aren't working on it yet. But i expect they will when they finished Quake IV. Hopefully they find ways to get gameplay even better than in SoF2, although i wouldn't even know how that would be possible :p
widow.nl: You also make SoF2 movies, when will your next movie be released?
Chicane: My next movie will be about demolition again, but this time not only my own frags but frags of everyone who sends in cool demo's. More about that on www.sof2chicane.tk btw. I have 3 weeks off around Christmas so I think i should be able to get quite far. Can't foresee if it will be finished then. So let's talk as a game developer: Q1 2005. Or even worse: it will be done when it's done. Or Valve style: then ill announce @ march 31 2005 that i will release it Q1 2006 :P
widow.nl: How about other MP games, or maybe in the future?
Chicane: For some reason i like to play CS:source sometimes. But often i have the feeling i shot someone but somehow all bullets missed, and that annoys me very much on that game. Maybe a nice hl2 mod (so not CS:S) can become interesting and great. I don't know about any great FPS-MP games anymore that come out on a short notice, with potential good gameplay. Very maybe Rockstar will surprise us with some funny MP gameplay in San Andreas for PC, who knows? (loved Vice City)
widow.nl: If you'd be the President of the US for 1 day, what would you do ;)
Chicane: Don't know what could be changed easily on what is wrong now in the USA, so i guess i would make sure that i have a day off, so i have time to play sof2 :P

3) Quick Choose:

AK or M4
Frag or Fire
Red or Blue
Jor or Kam
AMD or Intel
MS or Logitech
Bush or Kerry :)
-51% Bush 49%Kerry, hard to choose!

4) Last words:

Chicane: Thanks that i got the honor to be the very first one who got interviewed on www.widow.nl, enjoy making part 6, I know it will be great again :)
widow.nl: Thanks Chicane for your time, see you on gs.net 6.



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