16/12/2004: Interview with Rotax:
Done by: widow.nl

General player info:

First name:
South Wales, UK
17 (14/02/87) - Valentines day :D
Computer Engineer
Favorite server:
gs.net 06 DEM and ->FA<- Server
Favorite game type:
Playing SoF2 since:
Beta MP Demo
Other MP games played:
Quake 1,2,3, CS 1.6 and CS:Source
1) introduction:

Hi Rotax, kind of you to take the time and answer my annoying questions :) As you probably know, this interview will be available on www.widow.nl in English.

2) Questions and Answers:

widow.nl: Did your SoF2 career also start at the Demo released early 2001?
Rotax: Yup, i saw a little article somewhere on the internet and it looked pretty good, also had played SoF1 for a little while and that game also rocked! But after seeing the enhanced gore and the detail i had to download the SP demo, then the multiplayer demo got released and i was straight online downloading it and i have really never left since then :P
widow.nl: SoF2 single player, did you played it much and did you finished the game or not?
Rotax: Not really into the SP part of FPS games, the only SP game i have actually played has to be Half-Life, but as for SoF2 I think I got to the boat level and that was about it. I found the singleplayer part a little boring compared to the first SoF singleplayer, not a really good storyline, just bored me to death within the first 30 minutes of playing.
widow.nl: Your nickname Rotax, what does it mean or is it your dog's name?
Rotax: Well I have done a little bit of karting and if I'm correct it's a part of an engine and also one of the known sponsors in some karting areas, I'm not sure on what it actually means but you know what it's like if some people have done karting, your flying around the track and your eye just catch something and you remember it, as I saw this on one of the sponsor banners in an indoor karting track in Cardiff :D weeeee!
widow.nl: Your playing DEM a.t.m. in clan #Real, tell me something about your clan history?
Rotax: Well, #Real has been around for quite some time now under 2 different names if I'm correct, first of all it was Team Elite which got quite known in the Elimination scene by getting the nr1 spot on the Europe Elimination ladder on Clanbase. Also the nr1 Elimination 2on2 and nr1 Elimination BENELUX ladder. After this Team Elite left the Elimination ladders and renamed to Team #Real and joined the Demolition ladder with some good members like you ofcourse :P and dennis and black-devil. (We also had the noobs who won't be named.... oh actually w/e ill name them, Badboy, Booger, Darkshite aka Darkside :P) After the team was sorted #Real started moving up the Demolition ladder quite quickly beating some good clans until #Real got the nr1 spot with 50+ wins and 0 losses and become really the Top clan in the Demolition scene so far. Also Team #Real is now moving quite high in the CTF Ladder with some new good members like m1dent and Luiki. :)
widow.nl: Your a well known player in the European DEM scene, is DEM you fav. gametype?
Rotax: Well the Demolition scene is as you know quite small these days, probably every Demolition player knows each other as there is only 2 or 3 active Demolition servers like Gameservers.net 6 DEM server and FA and Fatal@ server, but luckily I'm one of the lucky ones that everyone knows and knows how i play and some people also request my config but only the lucky ones get it :P Atm DEM is probably my favorite gametype, i play allot of CTF also, mainly wars but i like DEM for public as its quite a friendly scene unlike CTF which is all whine and bitch and calling people hackers etc.
widow.nl: How many hours of SoF2 did, and how many hours do you play it on daily base?
Rotax: Well in the early stages of SoF2 i didn't really have nothing to do, no work, no girlfriend. So i had allot of free time, so i probably played most of the days if i didn't go out etc. From Monday to Friday i was probably playing like... around 6-7 hours a day probably even more (quite sad i know) but now the only times I'm available for SoF2 is Tuesday and Thursday for wars after 5pm and any day after 11 pm as I'm mostly out with my girlfriend and I'd rather be spending time with her than playing games :) hehe
widow.nl: Tell me something about your hardware, processor, video card, mouse, OS etc.
Rotax: Uhm well not really much to say about my pc as is total shite atm. I'm running Win XP Pro, 2.8GHz Intel Celeron, 512DDR ram, 120GB HD, GeforceFX 9600 256MB, Logitech MX1000 Mouse, Custom Made Keyboard made to my liking, i have a Terra-Byte Aurora Acrylic Case, a picture can be found here with 5 Rainbow LED fans shown here But in a couple of weeks it's all being stripped and rebuilt with a AMD Athlon FX55, 2gig DDR Ram, 250GB HD, Radeon x800XT 256.
widow.nl: Did you played any other FPS games?
Rotax: Yer atm I'm quite into CS:Source, but i have to admit CS 1.6 is better, not for gfx just for pure gameplay. HL2 SP is also good and i still play Quake1 and Quake3 on-line with some other FPS games like Rainbow six and rougespear and some C&C.
widow.nl: Do you have a game in mind that's being developed you would give a try playing?
Rotax: Uhm Brothers in Arms is probably the game I'm waiting for and also Quake4. But some people ain't heard of Brothers in Arms, plz check it out!! GOOGLE IT!
widow.nl: Many people say SoF2 is dieing, what's your opinion about that?
Rotax: Nah SoF2 ain't dieing, to be honest SoF2 will never die, yes some of the top clans and players are leaving but that means some other players are now going be top or what ever, but it will never DIE!! SoF2 is proper the greatest MP game i have played next to Counterstrike... it was a damn shame that the community didn't get big enough for some CPL Leagues :(
widow.nl: What is the most annoying in SoF2 or the community according to you?
Rotax: Well the CTF Scene is terrible, it's just full of whine and bitching and crying and cheat accusing etc. etc. Take a look at the SoF2 Clanbase forums , I think 1 of the 3 comments on there is either whine, cheat accusing or just a smart arsed comment, the Demolition community is probably the only decent one I see, everyone knows each other and everyone plays together as friends, yes now and then you see a little bit of whine but not as much as in the CTF scene :/

3) Quick Choose:
AK or M4
Frag or Fire
Red or Blue
Air1 or Finca
Clanwar or Public
Left or Right
Cat or Dog
SoF2 or CS:S
Both a little :?

4) Last words:

Rotax: Cheers for the interview m8 :) good that you wanted me to be interviewed. Let me crack up some demos and I'll send them to you a.s.a.p. for your part 6 movie, didn't had the time atm hehe :P keep the movies coming!! :D
widow.nl: Thank you very much for this interview, check my SoF2 movie part 6, you are in it for sure :D (need more demos!!)



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