29/12/2004: Interview with R.E.M.F:
Done by: widow.nl

General player info:

First name:
34 (10/12/70)
wife & mum
Favorite server:
gs.net 06 DEM
Favorite game type:
Playing SoF2 since:
Since the beginning of time
Other MP games played:
Farcry briefly
1) introduction:

Hi R.E.M.F., very kind of you to find some time to answer my boring questions ;). This interview will be available on www.widow.nl in English.

2) Questions and Answers:

widow.nl: What does your nickname mean and how did you get it?
R.E.M.F.: My nickname.. hhmmm.. I have always avoided answering this question for two reasons a) it's not ladylike AT ALL b) it leaves an air of mystery... but as it's you, Widow, I will.... it actually means Rear Echelon Mother Fucker :S it's a military term which basically stands for in the 'rear with the gear'... It was Andy's spare name when he first started SoF2 so I pinched it.
widow.nl: Your a woman and you are playing SoF2, what's wrong with you?
R.E.M.F.: Me playing SoF2... it began when my husband (=|NmY|= McNabb Andy) bought the game, I did the usual female thing and moaned because he spent time on a computer rather than with me and couldn't understand the addiction he was going on about. Then he persuaded me to 'just have a go' and I was hooked!
widow.nl: Your husband McNabb Andy also plays SoF2, does this affect your personal life in any way? (conflicts / fights about who's turn to be on the computer now :) etc)
R.E.M.F.: SoF2 doesn't affect our personal life in the slightest. We are a 30 something married couple with 2 young children. We've done the club scene, drinking binges, rolling in at 4am so to put the children to bed, sit down with a drink and play a socialable game with people we have known for like 3 years or so, is more than enjoyable. We actually talk more, comment on the game and laugh at the same things.. all this is far more bonding than watching a soap opera. Initially, we shared a computer and played a map each but Andy built me my own to keep me off his back :-P . If we are on opposite teams, we DO NOT let on where players are (this may be hard to believe but those who know us, know it's the truth). Initially it was a novality but now it just totally goes against everything we believe in. I don't even like TS. What is the point of Andy telling me where a player is, it takes the fun and anticipation out of the game. We have never argued whilst playing SoF2, but if one! or other of us is playing particularly badly then the odd swear word or sweet wrapper may be thrown to the other.

widow.nl: You guys (you and Andy) play often on Gameservers.net, what keeps you guys come back?
R.E.M.F.: We LIVE at DEM 6 for 2 reasons a) most importantly the people! We have made some truly great friends which make our time playing fun and enjoyable to the extent of meeting many of them and being invited to a LAN b) it's a 'clean' server, no lag, nice people, fair rules.

widow.nl: What's your favorite gametype, CTF, DEM, INF or DM and why?
R.E.M.F.: My favorite game type is Demolition because it is a tactical game that involves a little skill, a little team work but allot of fun as opposed to running around mindlessly shooting at people. However, CTF and TDM are always fun to unwind on.

widow.nl: Are you clanned and if so, do you play matches / CUP seasons?
R.E.M.F.: I have been clanned since SoF2 began (=|NmY|=) and I'm totally biazed but NmY are the nicest bunch of guys around (FOO's and VMC inc). We chose not to be a 'serious' clan, not doing 'training sessions' and hasselling other clans for matches and have grown out of friendships made. We do, however, play many friendly against other clans, ie, CFL are a great bunch of guys who we often played against. Basically if someone offers us a match, we post it on our forum and if one of us wants to play against them and we end up with enough players, then we do it.
widow.nl: You visited the VMC LAN in Holland last November, what were your expectations and did you have fun?
R.E.M.F.: The VMC Lan was out of this world, I have never been to one before and would definitely go to one again... there were so many people I wanted to meet that I knew would be there. Nabb and I had previously met Dot, Billy, Ding, Contact and Bro previously so seeing them all again was brilliant anyway. The venue was perfect, the layout was perfect, the music and food were perfect, Contact did a brilliant job running it 'perfectly' - I can't fault it at all. We arrived at the LAN at 7pm Saturday evening and left at 8am Sunday morning, I didn't actually play much as (although I was a little shy, believe it or not) I was happy to drink, smoke and chat to everyone. My expectations of people was highly amusing and I was very wrong on most counts. It was fantastic putting faces to names and I was especially pleased to meet Randy, Dark and Stan (NmY) and the FOO's. Although I have highlighted these guys everyone and I mean everyone was a good laugh and friendly - it was a good mixture of great people and we got on very well. Serial actually turned up at Dr Dingeling's house with a GS gift where a load of us had met up prior to the LAN which was a little surreal. There are photos floating about and I have a short Cam corder recording of it that I will treasure.
widow.nl: What's your opinion on female players in Multiplayer games like SoF2?
R.E.M.F.: Female players in any multiplayer game, SoF or otherwise, are few and far between. I think I know all the female players on dem6 now and we all hold our own. None of us like to be the week female because it opens us up to a 'stereotype'. I personally am not a consistant player - I can have very good days and then terrible days but that is no different to a male player. Thankfully, the players on DEM 6 are respectful and there is no special treatment involved. The main reason for having the name R.E.M.F. was because it wasn't a 'girlie' name. I wanted people to get to know me and like me as a person and not because I was a female. I don't like drawing attention to myself or false friendships and I can hold my head up with pride knowing that the friends I have made like me for being me. I have seen people's attitudes turn when they have found out I was female but funnily enough they never last long on dem6 or they quickly learn respect. There are a few that are unaware ! that I am female or indeed married to McNabb Andy - well, you read it here first, now you know lol!
widow.nl: Have you played another game as intensive as you play sof2 now? If so, which game and why?
I haven't played any other game at all. As I said before, I am a Mum so my playing time only starts when the children are in bed.
widow.nl: What about SoF3, you'll give it a shot if it's being developed?
R.E.M.F.: I would love there to be a SoF3, I think we are all ready for it and have been for sometime. Raven have some very passionate and devoted players and it would be a shame if they were lost because Raven dragged their heals. We hear all the time how players have tried other games in the hope to find that 'certain something' again but most come back because NONE compare to SoF2. However, it will only be a matter of time I am afraid.

3) Quick Choose:

Shotty or AK
Frag or Fire
Red or Blue
Kam69 or Shop69
Lethal or Skilled
Pepsi or Coca Cola
Coca Cola
Euro or Pound
Oprah or Ricky :)

4) Last words:

R.E.M.F.: Thank YOU very much... I am flattered that you asked. Great site btw :-)
widow.nl: R.E.M.F, Thank you very much for your extensive answers and ofcourse your time! See you and Andy for sure on GS.net 6!



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