19/01/2005: Interview with Nerofix:
Done by widow.nl 


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First name:
24 (31/07/1980)
Favorite server:
No favorite server
Favorite game type:
Elimination and Demolition
Playing SoF2 since:
SoF2 version 0.xx
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Chess (playchess.com)

General player info:

1) Introduction: 

Hi Nerofix (from now on Nero), kind of you to participate in this interview, even when you're about to have some serious school things coming up!. This interview will be available on www.widow.nl in English. Hi Black-Widow (from now on widow), ... thank you for your questions. hopefully you all enjoy it. It also was really amusing in answering, I just can say that you'll need some time for reading the answers. ;)

2) Questions and Answers:
uestions and Answers:

widow.nl: Nero, tell us something about you as a person (you are a DJ in the German house scene)?
Nerofix: Boah m8, you put the hardest question on start. about me as a person..? I saw many things in my life, was in a lot of European countries, lived in many different cities and villages and I know a plenty of people ... about my DJ activities, I had to stop it for a while, there is no extra time and no money at the moment, in Summer 2003 I started an IT based school and had to stop being an active DJ for now. you will find me on the dance floors now in action with Tha Ladies. yeah ;)
widow.nl: You are a student in Germany, tell us something about that, what's the direction you take?
Nerofix: I wish I could tell you something good about the German school system, but it's going more and more badly. It also have a lot to do with the governments of the last 10 years. They were sleeping and till today they are still doing it. If you would like to do a school about IT you have to search long time and maybe you'll find 1 of 12 IT-based schools in whole Germany. And the companies don't like hiring people from normal schools, so they hire people from foreign countries. I had luck with this IT-School, but it's not my finish yet. You can say: it was a nice try of the government, but it failed again. And there is nothing about the quality, but a lot off all the stuff you have to learn is not needed after school anymore, just when you want building bridges in your job for example. But because of the rules you have to learn all these things before, then you may join the school you would like to do. There is only one school in whole Germany where you can learn something about programming games, making 3D-animations etc. etc. If you have all this luck to be able joining a school like this you'll get the next problem: because of the new law you have to support this school by yourself and paying around 1680,- Euro every month over 2 years long... and if you don't got rich parents you have a problem. That's why so many skilled people of the youth are without a job and why I'm still a student, I don't want be out of any work, but for my direction i need to absolve this school first to get in the other... I guess I will be around 28 years old when finishing school, just because of the actual German school system laws, just because you need to absolve other schools and works before. And the thing is: I won't do anything else, my talents are needed in IT and 3D sector... and therefor I will keep fighting !
widow.nl: Nerofix, how the hell did you come up with that as a nickname ;) ?
Nerofix: *smile*, I guess I was just high again... but i can remember a time in spring 2002, February 22th. It was lovely sunny day and the first time I was on the internet with my own pc, and it was the time I started being a resident-dj in the most popular discotheque we had in the old town I was living in. I thought: now you really need a name, but what kind of name? first I made some rules: the name may not already exist, I must be able to identify myself a bit with it, etc... then I took some random letters, mixed them by positions and permanently checking how the word would sounds as a name... well, because this wasn't working like I wanted, I made some new rules about the letters: there must be a 'X' in the name, an A may not be used because it's a female letter in Latin language and because I am male the final name also should sounds male. But normally male names in Latin are signed with "us" so lets take the O from the Spain/Italian language... and in this kind I choose the rest of the letters... hehe and then some new rules again: the name must be able to split in 3 parts (ne-ro-fix) because 3 counts as a magical number and the total number of letters should be 7 because it's often used with the word "golden" and the 7 also counts as a royal number in some cultures. The last point of this new rules already matched a bit with the name "Nero", who was a popular historical emperor in Rome, he brought the peace, and also commercial and culturell success over the humans. So why not use this properties for me too I thought. Then I had the "fix" left... I don't need to explain what "to fix" in English mattered, but in other languages the word also exist and with different associations... the "fix" also remember me on the gauls in the "Asterix & Obelix stories". I hope you know the story then I don't need to introduce you that the gauls were a little volk in big Rome. They defended all infiltration attacks of Rome just with their pure fists and with the power of a magical drink by the sourcerer... and so I was satisfied with all letters and with the final name. Then 'NeRoFiX' was born, founded on a lot of different rules...
widow.nl: SoF2 is a big part of your life, you even made a MOD called NX (NerofiX), current version is 3, why did you made this MOD?
Nerofix: Okay, first I need to introduce you in the time before "Nerofix version 1.0 for sof2"... When the SoF2 multiplayer demo came out, we all played it and we decided to buy the whole game when it's available. Finally the day was come, and I did install the game on my pc, started it and on first view all fine. But it had should not take long time untill I will see, that with this version of SoF2 I have is something wrong: it was the "sof2 German version". Ravensoft made a special German SoF2 version with a lot of diffrents to the us or uk version, maybe because of fear that they may not sell it in Germany, Switzerland and Austria with theirs strong videogame laws for protecting the youth. (does videogames or weapons kill humans?)... Okay, back to the diffrents: 1) no blood, 2) gray human textures, 3) really crappy sounds when catching your opponents and 4) no access to connect with the "normal internet". You could say... I remember big chaos in every SoF2 forum, people couldn't found something to solve theyr problem with this SoF2-version. Then I thought "okay lets wait a bit, there will be someone who bring something out"... negative... it was 2 weeks after the release of SoF2 Full and still nothing what help me to play with my friends in Europe, so I went more often to my cute Russian girlfriend I had at that time and we were a bit busy with each other... ehem... sorry... back to the NX-patches... her brother and another friend of me were working on different games for fun one stage below in the same house. So I went later there to enjoy some beer with them. They told me about a game called "soldier of fortune 2" and they are trying to bring some blood into the singleplayer version. Sounds good, I also could need the results... and we were working this evening together to replace the gray textures and the oil. You could say after this evening we had it, although with plenty of error-messages. My friend weren't interested anymore to work forward on SoF2, because they had what they wanted. But I wanted more like high quality models and normal gore and I wanted to play the multiplayer game. I decided to work alone at home and it was going to be quite hard. Many unknown problems when trying to connect to a server. But I was successful with my work, step by step. First I just shared my work to some SoF2-friends, but because my patch was working fine, more and more people wanted to have it. I wasn't expecting that, who brings order in the existing chaos about the German version. My work was accepted by the community, it's a good feeling and it keep me working for SoF2. it was already one year gone and with my NX2.0 there was no problem anymore playing SoF2 German version with all other versions, include anti-cheat and all official updates and much more. Normally, I would be out of work now with SoF2, but i already learned so much that I decided to do more as just fixing the German version. This time I wanted to show the people what's also possible with SoF2. I try ed to encourage some people to help me supporting the SoF2 community, because the NX-projects were going to expanded. I found good mappers and some nice people for publishing my work and support the forum. I am still searching for more people who wants to help me with creating new stuff for the SoF2 community. Official support is death so the game would became old without us.
widow.nl: NX4 is near perfection and will be released within a couple of weeks, anything to tell us about it?
Nerofix: Yeah taste it, maybe you'll like the changes and the new stuff, I am working on NX4 for over one year now, also due to the fact I had not really time for it.
widow.nl: Developing a MOD cost allot of time, any change of NX5?
Nerofix: I guess yes, it will be my duty to work on it as long as I like to play the game. I feel that the things I am learning with modding SoF2 I could need for my future too. In the last 3 years I saw that I have talent with gamedesign and coding and I am going to enlarge it for using it in my next game-projects. This is knowledge you don't learn in school, but I want to join or create a games-company and then I need it to earn money...
widow.nl:  You are playing in clan #L2R for a while now, enjoying yourself there?
Nerofix: Yes of course, I created team #L2R in summer 2003 together with a SoF2 mate from Israel and we were searching for good skilled Demolition players. And we are still really successful with that team, our highest rank in league was rank 3, and that's really not bad I think, because we all comes from different countries across Europe with different languages. But I guess this gives the special spirit we have and why the core of #L2R is still the same than 2 years ago. We became friends also outside of SoF2.
widow.nl: You even went to the UK to visit some #L2R buddies, tell us all about it!
Nerofix: It was a really nice journey for me. I had no money but I already promised that I would come to UK too, so I took my laptop and something to dress and tramped with lorries of a German truckage company over Luxembourg, Belgium, France to the UK for free!. I had plenty of fun during the 2 weeks I was there,... I just can say: 1 week longer there and I wouldn't go home anymore.. I just went home again because of my school and because I haven't said good bye to all my ladies. But I am thinking about going back there for a longer time. You really can feel home there. And it was interesting to meet the people you just have knew over the internet from playing, pictures and teamspeak.
widow.nl: You also play allot on gameservers.net Dem 6, what keeps you coming back?
Nerofix: There are some reasons why I prefer this server. I like to play Demolition, this is maybe a good reason, but it's not all of course. I like the mix of the international people on this server and it's like an extra community. I think I don't need to say more then that...
widow.nl: Do you think SoF3 will be developed, and if so, any change of another NX version for SoF3?
Nerofix: I would try it of course. The Ravensoft-team are good programmers, I learned plenty of their clean programmed SoF2-code. big up! And also good job to the Quake3 console modders, many things are possible to do with it... about a Nerofix-patch for SoF3, lol it's sad, but I also have to wait till SoF3 get a release date. I could tell you more when I can play the SoF3 multiplayer-demo, not that it wouldn't be possible, but SoF3 needs to be so nice, let's surprise...
3) Quick Choose:
Both (you have to choose ffs! :D)
Knife or Sniper
Frag or Fire
Red or Blue
Jor1 or HK2
Pra2 (hihi)
AMD or Intel
Beer or Liquor
House or Techno
Party or SoF2
widow.nl: Nerofix, Thank you very much for your LONG questions, hopefully people didn't fell asleep :). Thanks allot mate, hope to meet you in real life some time, bring some of your beauties with you then!






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