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01/01/2006: Interview with infrequent
Done by: Chicane

General player info:

First name:

Something with accounting...
Favorite server:
gs.net, FCW$, DFS etc.
Favorite game type:
DM and TDM

Playing SoF2 since:
Aug. 2002

Other MP games played:
None more than a day or two :)
1) introduction:

Hi Infrequent, thanks for your time and the willingness to be interviewed, This interview will be available on www.widow.nl.

2) Questions and Answers:

widow.nl: You probably have to dig deep, but when and how do you start playing SoF2?
I started in august 2002 (august 14th to be exact). I bought the game as a birthday present for myself. I had played SOF1 singleplayer and now wanted to try SOF2 singleplayer too. I had NO idea there was such as thing as Multiplayer :) Since then it has been SOF2 MP all the way. I did not even finish singleplayer.
widow.nl: What's the story behind your nickname 'Infrequent'? Why did you choose it?
"infrequent" (lowercase "i" !!!) was not my first name in SOF2. I started as "exy" (don't ask why). At some point I realised I was really bad still and I played a bit with my key-setup to have leaning as a part of my moves. For that purpuse I intended to play as "ConfTester" (Config-Tester) but by mistake it became "Confester" :) I was still pretty bad and wanted an excuse for being so bad so I named myself "Infrequent Player". That was way too long so in time it became "infrequent.dk" and after being tired of answering stupid questions as to whether ".dk" was a clan I became just "infrequent". When you see me in the game my name is coloured like this "^3i^.nfre^Zq^.uent". I'm not in any clan and never have been.

widow.nl: SoF2 exists for quite some years now. How do you feel about the community today compared to some years ago?
Too little is happening. There's not many real modmakers left and everybody is making maps :( I was never involved in any clan and such and in the first years I was not part of any part of the SOF2-"community". Then I landed on ShootMe's server at www.huurs-univers.com (no need to go there ! Servers are closed and website pretty dead) where a nice bunch of people played and jokes and shared real-life stuff etc. That was a real nice SOF2-Realworld community and something I miss very much.
widow.nl: You have made the SoF2-mod ReFrag. Can you explain what it is to the people who haven't heard of it yet?
Basically ReFrag is a tool for viewing those demos you can record using SOF2. You can re-play those demos using SOF2 alone, but it does not become fun until you let ReFrag help you :) So basically ReFrag is a demo-viewer and that is what I made it for. But along the way a lot of features got added. You can let the camera follow the player or you can let it fly freely around the action. You can even let the camere follow the knife or grenade you have just thrown. You can change skin on the players, you can remove all (or just some) of the text, healtbar, ammo on the screen. You can make players invisible or even make the map invisible. You can add Frag-text in your own style and color and probably a lot I forgot to mention. ReFrag are for those who want to make screenshots or movies or just review their best frags.
widow.nl: How long did it take to make ReFrag, and how did you get the idea to make ReFrag?
I record almost every game I play as a SOF2 demo and have done this for a long time (lets just say we're talking over 3000 demos here). I wanted to use those demos for making cool screenshots and even movies. Problem was that SOF2 itself was not good enough for that in my opinion. Yes, you can re-play the demo and look around to a certain degree ... if you knew how to handle the thirdperson cvars. That was just not good enough for me ! So I spend months making and tweeking scripts to control thirdperson-mode and got more and more frustrated because I wanted to do stuff that SOF2 would not allow me to do.
The only way to make SOF2 do things it is not designed to do is by making a mod (modification). Most mods for SOF2 are made for playing the game (OSP, RocMod, GoldRush, Mandown, Jeel, NX) but basically it's the same. You take the part of the SOF2 sourcecode that Raven released, you make some changes, you compile it - and then you have a new mod. So I downloaded the SOF2 SDK (Software Development Kit) and spend days and even weeks looking around in it before I was comfortable enough to make my first changes. SOF2 is programmed in the programming language C which you must learn first - you're thinking of going into this kind of mod-making. I knew C in advance but still had to spend a lot of time learning the structure of SOF2.
I never thought ReFrag was right for public release :D I always wanted to add more and fix minor problems :) But at one point I just had to stop messing with it. I had two beta-testers (Chicane and Deltaray) they were using beta-version for some movies they were making. Having them push me didn't really help because they constantly suggested new features and changes. ReFrag was "redesigned" numerous times from January to August 2005. I changed interface many times - and sometimes not because I wanted to but because of SOF2 limitation. The ReFrag that I released in August 2005 was not the version I wanted to release, but it was the best I could do because many people had heard of it and wanted it NOW.
Speaking of Chicane and Deltaray... you should really download some of their SOF2 movies from the SOF2-section of www.own-age.com. Own-age.com is a site dedicated to moviemaking involving game-engines. You can find movies from almost any FPS game there and thousands in total. Here's a link to the SOF2 section: www.own-age.com. And here are links to the two movie that Chicane and Deltaray made while beta-testing ReFrag: here and here . Chicane made a movie even better using ReFrag, you'll find it here

widow.nl: Do you have more plans with ReFrag? A version 2 maybe?
infrequent: ReFrag 2 definately was the next thing I wanted to do. But ReFrag 1 was implemented in a way that was not optimal for moviemaking - so I started rewriting the whole view-handling code and that was a tough job and I just got stuck. It will take me days, days and days of work yet before I can get it to function somewhat similar to ReFrag 1 and THEN I can start thinking about adding the new stuff I'd like to do.
widow.nl: What are your plans about making a SoF2 movie yourself with ReFrag currently?
infrequent: I always wanted to make a kickass-SOF2 movie. "kickass" meaning better than any SOF2 movie ever released both frag and editing-wise. But that is big project and I'd probably waste too much time on details if I ever got started. Maybe when and IF ReFrag 2 is done.
widow.nl: You have posted some awesome SoF2-pics on sof2files.com and on the forum of gameservers.net. Where do you get the ideas for those screenshots, and is that why you created ReFrag?
I get my ideas from everywhere and nowhere. When I see a picture I sometimes just see it transformed into a SOF2-like. And sometimes I'm just watching a demo and something shows up and I think "hmmmm... what if I added..." or "doesn't that almost look like..". And then I take some screenshots and start editing it. I never actually use much time on the pictures.

widow.nl: I can't remember having you seen with a clantag. How do you feel about clans, and do you see yourself in a clan?
Clans are fine but I'm not a clan-person. I have been hanging around several clan's websites and servers but I'll probably never ever join any. When I start getting too close to a clan I tend to make suggestions for website, server etc. ... and for some reason clan-leaders and such seems to start disliking me :) Must be my "charming" personality :D
widow.nl: What would you like to see in SoF3? (if it ever will be made)
SoF3 should be made with the mod-community in mind. We should be able to change and tweak every bit of it. And they should add event-driven scripting and support for moviemaking. A game that would save action directly as a .avi with sound would be nice (the Q3 community has that now) :) Better graphics and physics ofcourse but SOF2 death-animations are still 100 times more fun than any ragdoll-death you see on games like F.E.A.R and HL2. So keep it. Whoever is going to make SOF3 are welcome to contact me - I have many ideas.

widow.nl: What other mp games are you playing nowadays, and what games are you looking forward to?
Other game ??? Are you serious ? I only play SOF2 ! I was sort of looking forward to F.E.A.R but it not a SOF2-replacement in my eyes. So I'm not really seeing anything exciting on the horizon :(
widow.nl: How do you combine SoF2 and everything around with being a husband? Ever tried getting your wife to play SoF2 ;) ?
We have played a few times on LAN but she's the kind that gets dizzy in the computers 3D world :) And I don't really have any problem with combining SOF2 with the rest of my life. Not being in any clan gives me the freedom to just play SOF2 when I have time. SOF2 is not something I HAVE to play at certain time. But ask my wife and she might say it IS a problem :)

3) Quick Choose:

Ak or M4
Movie or Screenshot
Windows or Linux
Ati or Nvidea
Nvidia now but no preference
Rock or Trance
Tough one. My taste in music is "diffuse"
Kam or Shop maps
That's a tie :)
OSP or RocMod
RD or ND

4) Last words:

widow.nl: Thanks for your time and willingness to answer all these questions :) Is there anything left you would like to mention? You can do it here:
Keep SOF2 alive until SOF3 is here ! What else should I do with my time... :) (ohh my slogan: "Go the extra mile. It's never crowded.)






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