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Tutorial: how to create a DVD quality video.
Software used:
Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5
Dr. DivX 1.05

Hardware used:
DVD-/+RW drive

I'll explain the steps to make a DVD quality movie, by clicking on the links you get more info about that particular fase in the DVD creation/exporting process.
Step 1) Exporting your Premiere Pro 1.5 compilation to DVD
Step 2) Creating a DivX compressed video file from a .VOB file
First a note:
If you don't have a DVD-writer (DVD+ or DVD- doesn't matter) you can stop right here. In this tutorial we have to output to DVD and there is no other solution to do this then actually writing to a DVD. An image writer will not be detected by Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 and exporting to cd-rom isn't also possible.
Too bad for you guys who doesn't have a DVD-writer. Maybe someone else got a work around, please let me know if you do!!!

Step 1) Exporting your Premiere Pro 1.5 compilation to DVD
I'm doing this Tutorial with an example compilation that's very small (about 8 mb). You compilation could/should be much bigger like 2 gb or something, don't get distract that!
I presume you got a compilation ready for export in Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5. Go to File, choose Export, and choose Export to DVD. This screen will appear:
















In this general tab you only have to choose a name for your DVD-disc. I named it test_movie. Click on the Encoding tab and this screen appear:

Standard a Preset is active and you have to choose Custom Preset. Then click the Edit button. If you choose the video tab this screen appear:

This is the place to set your quality settings. All settings must be high definition. Quality 5.0 and i always keep this settings for the bit rates:  Min. 5.0000 Target: 6.5000 Max: 6.5000
Click on the Audio tab to see this screen:

At the audio section you can try some settings. I always use PCM but i doubt that's the best. You can choose between PCM, MPEG and Dolby but with the last 2 i got some problems and couldn't solve them so i keep it to PCM. No particular settings should be made. If you click on Summary you get this overview:

You can check if all settings are OK. Click on OK to go back to the Export to DVD window and choose DVD Burner. This screen appear:

Here you'll see if your DVD Burner is recognized. You can also fill in an amount of copy's you want. We keep it to 1 :) Go to the Summary tab to get this overview: (2 screens because it didn't fit)

















Check if all the values are correct and choose record. This progress bar appears:

After the burning process is done the first step is completed. Proceed with step 2!
Step 2) Creating a DivX compressed video file from a .VOB file

If the DVD is still in your DVD-Drive choose it by clicking with your right mouse button on it and choose explore. You'll see this:

Now open the VIDEO_TS folder and you'll see this:

Copy the VTS_01_1.VOB file to your hard disk and save it to a place you can find it easy.
Open Dr. DivX 1.05 and this is the screen you'll get:

Click on the button "Video File" and you'll get a browse window like this one:

Choose the VTS_01_1.VOB file and click Open. A little animated window pop up to show the status of the reading/analizing, this can take a while depending on how big the .VOB file is you choose.

Eventually the analyzing will be done and this screen shows up:

You can do a few things here, if you done the audio in Premiere Pro 1.5 keep the settings as shown in this screen shot. If you want to add audio click "other" and select an audio track (not recommended) Now choose Step 2 and this screen appear:

A Certification Level is not mesentery so you can disable it. The great thing of Dr. DivX is you can say how big your final movie must be and how many files it should be. Dr. DivX calculate all the bit rates etc. You can do this all manually but this is one of the best features Dr. DivX has. Apply this settings and choose next to get this screen:

This is an overview of all the settings made. Again you can choose to modify these settings by pressing the Modify Settings button.

You can change allot here and also screw up allot, for a good result keep to the settings shown in the screen shot (ofcourse you can test and experiment with all these settings). Again you can choose for Advanced Settings by clicking on it's button:

For the best result set the Encode Mode to 2-pass, the program will render the movie twice and will calculate the best quality/filesize. It does take 2 times longer tough. Again keep to the settings of this screen shot for a good result.
Press the Encode button and Dr. DivX goes to work. This could take a while depending on your computers Hardware and file size of the .VOB file and 1 or 2-pass encoding.

Notice the Second Pass! (second time the process run to calculate)

If the second pass finish this screen appear:

You can click on the Play File button to see the final movie.
It's very IMPORTANT to know that this should be your final movie, video and sound are optimal compressed and if you are going to edit this video again all the quality will be lost!
End of this Tutorial.

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