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Let me introduce myself. My name is David, also known as black-widow (or nowadays widow.nl) in the SoF2 scene. I play Soldier of Fortune 2 from the beginning (June 2001) and decided, after seeing many Half-Life, Counter Strike and Quake 3 Arena movies, to make my own movie.
After some research (SoF2 is based on the Quake3 engine) I find out how to make a movie and started in my vacation, June/july 2002.
Not knowing it would cost me my whole vacation to get a movie which I liked at that point. There was no in-game sound, no special effects, not a very high quality and last but not least: a wrong amount of FPS. Later in the tutorials I’ll explain what the consequence are of wrong settings on FPS.
A good friend of mine (Rob aka Jaydee) helped me out with the scripts so I could easily make screenshots from demos and move fast trough demos I recorded using SoF2.
With my knowledge at that point of programs like Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, VideoMach, etc. I did a good job. I soon find out that, compared to other movies, it wasn't such a good job. I saw people making the "craziest" special effects (we all know "The Badge " Quake3 movie :-) and having very good quality on their movies. I decided to buy a book about Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects. On my "holiday to the snow" I read those 2 books and learned allot from it.
People always ask me how I get such a good quality and a small file size. That's what i am going to try to explain in these tutorials.
If you are already experienced in movie making you might skip the Premiere and Premiere Pro tutorials and immediately start reading the DVD Quality movie tutorial.
Good luck and let me know when your SoF2 movie is done.



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