02/04/2007: Interview with Masauri
Done by:  widow.nl

General player info:
First name:

Favorite server: 
GS.net servers, axis 3000 server
Favorite game type:
DM and CTF

Playing SoF2 since:
2 weeks after sof2 gold 1.03 came out

Other MP games played:
albatross18, on-line poker
1) introduction:

Hi Masauri, kind of you to answer my questions... this interview will be available on www.widow.nl in English.

2) Questions and Answers:

widow.nl: Masauri, quite an obvious question but how does your SoF2 career started and when?
 when I had my First adsl connection at home I was looking in a local gamestore for a nice mp game. I didn’t know anything about nice mp games because i didn’t followed them. But it never thought it would be so good that even after this time. It was my First self bought mp game! I got it just 2 weeks after the sof2 gold version 1.03 came out.
widow.nl: Do you play any other sp games?
 command and conquer – the whole First decade is my favorite's SP game! And C&C 3 ofcourse.
widow.nl: You're playing for DoW right? How come? And are you still active in clanwars?
When I got sof2 I was looking for a clan to join. After surfing the net and playing on a lot of different servers I found the [DoW] clan. I just felt home right away when playing and talking with them. So after the trail period I started to play wars. At that time I wasn’t a very good student, so my parents decided that I had to stop playing wars. So I did, but still played and trained in [Dow]. Always playing SoF2 in the hope I could join the wars again when I had better grades at school. Sadly the grades didn’t come, so I didn’t got back into playing wars.
widow.nl: So do you still play a lot these days?
I always enjoy a game of SoF2 to relax and shoot some people to release all the stress from the week.
widow.nl: How about your nickname? Sounds like Chinese or Japanese?
it’s got some history behind it. When I was 9 I was into anime and a serie called samurai x (also named as rurouni kenshin, best anime ever according to me) and I was trying to live by the old code of the samurai. So I was looking for my own name, that nobody had. So after 2 weeks of looking, I found my name ;-) if you switch some letters from samurai you get masauri. So that’s the anagram behind it. I’ve got that nick for 12 years now. so that’s a while :-p.
widow.nl: Do you play other (on-line) games?
Masauri: Mostly SoF2 as a shooter, but I play day of defeat from time to time when training with the DoW DoD squad. I play albatross18 To relax a bit, and I love to play poker! (texas hold’em version) I don’t play any games more then those.
widow.nl: You and Infrequent are organizing a SoF2 tournament called European Team DeathMatch 2007, can you tell me more about that?
Masauri: In short:  In one night 72 player sorted into 12 groups in 2 leagues play 5 games in there leagues.
Then the first 2 from each league will go to the semi finals, and the winners from the semi's will play the final. This will be played on 4 servers, and you will be random placed into a group.
If this works out well we’ll organize it more often with more players.

widow.nl: So how did that started?
  When I played the deathmatch competition organized by slug, I wanted to do something for the community. So the next year in 2006 I wanted
to do something, and sinds there was no moderator for the forum, I asked slug if I could do that and a lot came from there, intereviews, betting etc.
for the ones who remember. When I heard from slug there wasn't gonna be another SoF2 dm comp. I decided to organize something myself. I like to
organize so I wasn't afraid of the challenge. This was on the 18th off march, I didn't had as mutch time to organize a dm comp like the one from
slug. So I came up with a bloodbath. Still a lot to organize but less then a dm comp. After I asked if anybody was interested I started to set up a
website and thought it all out in a week. I asked infrequent if he could make a banner for it. After then he was able to help me out with some
calculation stuff because I'm bad at that. And so I asked him (slightly pushed) to accept the fact that he would be fellow organizer. And he agreed
(he didn't had a choise there but I made sure it looked as if it seemed that way for him;-)
Another man behind the scenes is iceman. He isn't a SoF2 player but he's a close friend of mine and he's responsable for the website and some other
stuff.Doogie aka garbage dingo is the guy who takes care of the server cfg's.
He's got lot's of experience with it and that makes him an essential link to
in this bloodbath. They are both a great help to, although you don't notice them very fast.
So where running this with only 4 people. I can tell you, preperation is everything!

widow.nl:  I can imagine, organizing a tournament like that, costs a lot of time and effort, do you guys manage?
like I said, preperation is everything. The 4 of us got our own jobs and we can manage that way.
Infrequent is the man for making Excel documents to calculate everything very easely and answering questions that consurn the bloodbath.
Iceman is doing all the programming behind the website because it's build from scratch.
Doogie is taking care of the server cfg's.
And I'm doing the rest like making the texts to put up on the website, thinking about ways to improve the funrating like the betting. Getting ts
channels, servers, and a lot of practical stuff.

widow.nl:  What about your life besides on-line gaming? (job, school, relationship etc.)
l’m now in my last year of nursery. (I’ve learned a lot about women in that period sinds I was the only boy for 6 years in a class of 22 girls!) so after this year I get my degree and I will study a bachlor education in informatics. I’m always busy with my pc so that’s an easy choise for me to do that.
I’m still single, never had a decent girlfriend. (coudn’t find one yet but i miss it a lot!)
My hobby is my project about sensation. This is an event that will be held around the World and I’m trying to start up a fansite/forum about it. witch takes all my free time. That’s why the url of the bloodbath is bloodbath.sensation-worldwide.com.
I own sensation-worldwide.com so in the meantime of my negotiations with the organisation behind sensation I use it for the bloodbath.
I also like to watch a movie to relax after a day of work.
I’m now in a period of my live with a lot of changes. I’m trying to find the right way in my live with my character, in a spiritual way of live.
But I still like to do a lot for other people like organizing this bloodbath.
Because what you give you will get back 10 times harder.
A live quote I made by myself is: ”what’s in your heart is in the wisdom of time”
There you got something to think about :-)

3) Quick Choose:

SoF2 or SoF2 :-)
euhm... SoF2
TDM for the bloodbath, dm or ctf for myself
XP or Vista:
XP owns
Blue or Red:
TeamSpeak or Non TeamSpeak:
19" TFT !
Public or Clanwar:
Public, I like the piss-ups on sat.

4) Last words:

widow.nl: Thank you so much for your (limited)time and let's have some fun playing the tournament.
Masauri:  Limited indeed, but I always make time for friends, even if this means i’ve got to do nightwork again  ;-)



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