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    from Sweden
    Signed on: 01/24/11 00:21:45
    I'm fine thanks. I just came by to submit a sof2 movie that I made, but I'm not sure where. :D
    Admin's Comment: Hiya Slizer, nice to see some sof2 faces (virtually then) again ;) 
    How about posting your movie here? 
    I removed the forum due to inactivity and spam from pharmacy... :D 
    If you send me the details I can make a frontpage topic about it, always nice to see some good old sof2 action back on my site... 
    I already saw it on youtube but I want some background and inside information to post along with it on my site, so please contact me via youtube or this website. Cu
    from Sweden
    Signed on: 09/12/10 16:44:23
    Hey widow, how's it going? Are you playing any online games?
    Admin's Comment: Hiya Slizer, I'm ok, playing games but not as frequent as I did play SoF2... 
    I'm into some more realistic games like Armed Assault 2 (check via google :)) 
    How are you doing then?
    CarlosSigned on: 03/27/09 01:54:51
    Hey m8, you still live? :) 
    I think I'm coming to Netherlands this year to make 1 week holidays together with a girl from Siberia. 
    Within the next 2 weeks, I will release a completly new community at www.nerofix.net .. would be nice to see you there too, so I will have all my friends collected again. 
    How's your life going?
    Admin's Comment: Hi Carlos, 
    Yeah I'm doing fine, thanks! 
    Check the website, it's alive as never before! Daily FPS news about various upcoming games... 
    Nice to hear you come over to the Netherlands, I'm going to Germany as well with my girlfriend, 13 june to Lanxess arena in Koln for a Mixed Martial Arts event :) 
    I'll stop by at your website very soon, I'm on ICQ again so probably speak to you via ICQ or MSN :) 
    from International Community
    Signed on: 10/03/08 21:20:40
    ha, again, I had to find the guestbook again :)  
    How are you Dave? I just saw some news here about cod5, but I'm waiting for Wolfenstein 2 I think.  
    Have a nice weekend and lemme here of ya m8 =) 
    Admin's Comment: Hey Nero, great to hear from you mate. I can't wait for a few games to come in the near future :) Hope to play a game with you soon, speak to you later!
    from Sweden
    Signed on: 09/19/08 09:58:10
    Alright, very nice of you. We play another type of game than usual but the community is for all sof2 players. I like this website a lot because of all the useful video information and so on, peace out widow! :) 
    And one more thing, are you releasing more movies later on, or completely stopped?
    from Sweden
    Signed on: 09/18/08 15:13:27
    Hey again, I was wondering if you could add my homepage (hideseek.tk) on ''Links'' because I've been advertising for your website for long.  
    hideseek.tk is a main site for RPM Hide&Seek (v1.00)with 800 registered members. Soon reaching 1.000 :D
    Admin's Comment: Sure, I wasn't aware of your website, I'll add it to the links section soon.
    CarlosSigned on: 05/29/08 23:16:01
    Hey yes, put your guestbook button back on the left site into the menu .. I didn't found it in the header .. don't wonder why it's quite here :)
    Admin's Comment: Haha eventually you found it :)
    webmasterSigned on: 05/17/08 22:29:24
    It's kinda quiet here in the guestbook.... :(
    from Sweden
    Signed on: 12/22/07 21:26:17
    thx anyway, i got it now :P,  
    Marc Aurel - Running.mp3 hehe
    Admin's Comment: Lol thats not the last number you here, my first tought was that number and I'll checked it, else I would have posted that one because I knew that one :) haha ok great you got it!
    from Sweden
    Signed on: 12/19/07 21:15:31
    Hi widow, nice movies... 
    What's the trance song called in the end of Part 1 of your movie? Thanks...
    Admin's Comment: Sorry m8, can't find that song back, it's freaking 5,5 years ago and I didn't keep track of music used in my movies back then... sorry again. Make a post on the forum? Maybe someone else knows...
    from europe
    Signed on: 12/08/07 12:18:25
    Wow at your site again :) 
    great style =)
    Admin's Comment: thanks m8 :D
    from Europe
    Signed on: 11/12/07 22:24:57
    Wow my friend, amazing new design of your homepage!!!! Looks great!!
    Admin's Comment: thanks Carlos, we should meet on msn again... cu m8.
    fel1xSigned on: 06/21/07 22:07:32
    cool page and thanks for movie-linking ;)
    from Canada
    Signed on: 05/12/07 01:41:28
    Well. I had questions to ask about a movie, but I was going to wait. When I saw the counter at 299 I decided to just go for it :)
    Admin's Comment: hehe :D
    from Canada
    Signed on: 05/08/07 23:26:01
    Great site Widow. I heard your back to SoF2. Any plans for a new movie? 
    PS: Member #300 :D
    Admin's Comment: Thanks Adreneline, no I don't have plans for a new movie (yet). 
    Yeah your the 300th member, nice (you waited right? :-) )
    from Saarland, Duitsland
    Signed on: 04/26/07 00:02:39
    Hi :) 
    hoe gaat het met je? everything still alright? 
    als je misschien frij bent stuur me een email of pm alsjeblieft, ik heb een nieuwe idee voor sof2, maar ik heb je help nodig ;-) 
    greetz nerofix
    Admin's Comment: Hi Nero, 
    I'm great thank you... I'll send you a pm so we can chat on msn. ciao
    from Schagen
    Signed on: 04/14/07 12:35:10
    Hoi David, ik zit op jouw website, waarom is alles in het Engels? 
    groetjes leila
    Admin's Comment: Hoi Leila, alles is in het Engels omdat veel van de bezoekers uit andere landen komen dan Nederland. Groeten, David
    from germany
    Signed on: 03/27/07 09:57:10
    k,i have a problem white my pc it can be later ;)
    from Dortmund/Germany
    Signed on: 03/20/07 19:16:07
    Dave pls add me in icq i have a ask white movies ;) 
    my english is not so good 
    or msn pls 
    Admin's Comment: Hi Razor, I added you to my MSN, I don't use ICQ anymore!
    NeoghostSigned on: 03/10/07 17:42:30
    I like your new site! Keep it up.
    Admin's Comment: thanks Neo ;)
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